This process describes how you can have your personal data erased, or request that we restrict the processing of your personal data.

"Personal data" means any data that can be used to identify you, including:

IP address
Credit card number.

Personal data does not include information that is purely financial and cannot be linked to you, such as:

How many times your purchased from us
The value of your purchases

We cannot erase purely financial information when we receive a request to delete your account. We are required to maintain financial information and records for tax and other legal reasons.

When we receive a request for erasure (sometimes called redaction or deletion), then we will first verify your identity. 


  1. Contact our customer support team by email to, via our live customer support chat, or by calling us on 09 88 44 669

  2. After you request an erasure, we will transmit your erasure request to our technical team to have your Well Revolution health account deleted from our systems, and we will transmit your request to all third-party apps we use that contain any of your personal data.

Once you request an erasure, a 10 day buffer period will begin during which you can cancel the request in case you made the request accidentally. To cancel a pending erasure request, please email Well Revolution at, and include your name and email address used in your account, or the order number from your most recent purchase from us.

When you request an erasure, Well Revolution will only redact personal information (such as name and address). Your anonymised order information will remain intact in case we need it for accounting purposes. Once the relevant personal data has been erased, we will send you a confirmation email.

By default, Well Revolution and some of its service providers will not erase personal data if you have made an order in the last 6 months (180 days), in case a chargeback occurs with our payment processing providers. If a request for erasure is submitted in that time frame, then it will sit pending, and Well Revolution will action it once the appropriate time has passed. You do not need to submit another request.

If you would like to override this time delay, then email Well Revolution at

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